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Open Government: NARA Releases Six Datasets

As part of the Open Government initiative, NARA recently released six datasets available for the first time as raw data in XML format.  The datasets are: three editions (2007, 2008, and 2009) of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) archival … Continue reading

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Family Tree Friday: Congress granted pensions as private claims.

American citizens have always had the right under the U.S. Constitution to petition Congress directly to redress specific grievances or recoup financial losses resulting from government actions (such as private property damaged by the Union Army during the Civil War).  … Continue reading

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Family Tree Friday: Nonpopulation Census Records – Mortality Schedules

Most genealogists are familiar with the federal population census records and begin their research with these records.  But did you know that the Census Bureau also took a series of Nonpopulation Census records between 1850 and 1880?  They included mortality, … Continue reading

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The National Archives and the Open Government Initiative

The National Archives is working on responding to the Obama Administration’s Open Government Directive of December 2009, which was issued to promote new lines of communication and cooperation between the federal government and the American people. The Open Government Directive is … Continue reading

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Question: What are some good examples of interactive historical timelines on the Web?

The internet provides lots of great tools and services to help genealogists and historians understand the evolution of relationships and events over time. From teachers to big corporations, researchers at all levels can benefit from these innovative new tools, one … Continue reading

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Family Tree Friday: More Info on Compiled Military Service Records.

In my previous blog I mentioned compiled military service records for volunteer soldiers.  While CMSRs are generally recognized as the official record of a volunteer’s military career, did you know they were NOT created at the time the soldier served?  … Continue reading

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Tech Tuesdays

Thanks to your great feedback on our recent Family Tree Fridays and NARA Staff Favorite posts, we’re considering introducing another specialized series here on NARAtions. This new set of posts, called Tech Tuesdays, would allow us to start a discussion … Continue reading

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Family Tree Friday: Issues with Indexing

With records available in so many different formats these days, researchers are often faced with a choice – which indexes to use, the original microfilm and printed indexes or the newer online indexes? Both types have drawbacks.  The microfilm and … Continue reading

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Family Tree Friday: Volunteer vs. Regular Army service was documented differently.

Most people have a relative or ancestor who either served in the military or fought during a specific war.  Many researchers are unaware, however, that a significant distinction exists between volunteer soldiers and Regular soldiers, and that the two types … Continue reading

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