Question: What are some good examples of interactive historical timelines on the Web?

The internet provides lots of great tools and services to help genealogists and historians understand the evolution of relationships and events over time. From teachers to big corporations, researchers at all levels can benefit from these innovative new tools, one of the most effective of which is the interactive map or timeline. One example of these tools can be found through the Digital History website.

Digital History Interactive Map

Dedicated to using new technologies to enhance teaching and research, this collaborative group based at the University of Houston has created an interactive visualization which allows users to scroll across a United States map and watch cultural, political, and economic events grow and fade away over time. Researchers can read a brief description of each individual event by rolling over its symbol on the map. Clicking on events leads the user to a reputable source of more information.

This interactive map is just one example of online tools. Have you found a great interactive timeline or tool on the web? Where did you find it, and what did it help you visualize?

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2 Responses to Question: What are some good examples of interactive historical timelines on the Web?

  1. Karen Needles says:

    Check out the interactive timeline at There is audio, video , photos and documents interwoven in the 1809-1865 timeline.


  2. Jay says:

    A couple of fun ones –

    Witchcraft Accusations Feb. 29-Mar. 1692:

    New York County Maps and Atlases:


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