Transcriptions Reveal Life in the Trenches

If you are familiar with our Citizen Archivist program, you know that we encourage online volunteers to transcribe digitized historical records held in the National Archives Catalog. We often say that these transcriptions help unlock history by improving search results, readability, and access to historical records. So how exactly are your contributions unlocking history? A … Continue reading Transcriptions Reveal Life in the Trenches

Become a Wiki Scholar! Work with records from the National Archives to expand coverage of women’s suffrage in the United States in Wikipedia

Today’s post comes from Pamela Wright, Chief Innovation Officer. At the National Archives, we are continually seeking new ways to share the wealth of history in our physical and digital holdings. Initiatives like our Citizen Archivist Dashboard create new opportunities and avenues for the public to engage with our records. We also take the heart … Continue reading Become a Wiki Scholar! Work with records from the National Archives to expand coverage of women’s suffrage in the United States in Wikipedia

What’s in a Name?

We are all unique, but for most of us, our names are not. The same is true for authors, actors, and even major or minor historical figures who share the same or similar names. So how do libraries, archives and museums collocate the right name to the right item or collection? The answer is authority … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Still from "A Step Saving Kitchen," GIF, showing a woman stirring a bowl, with an overlaid play button and video status bar.

‘Tis the Season for #ArchivesGIFgiving

It’s almost time for the December Archives Hashtag Party on Friday, December 14! Pour yourself some eggnog and get in the festive mood with #ArchivesGIFgiving. In the spirit of the season, we’ll  be “giving” GIFs to other GLAM institutions. We hope you’ll share a GIF from your holdings, tag a fellow organization with a GIF … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for #ArchivesGIFgiving

Why do we engage Citizen Archivists?

Today's post comes from Pamela Wright, National Archives Chief Innovation Officer. Earlier this week we posted an invitation to help transcribe records in our holdings and it has sparked some thoughtful conversations about the role of crowdsourcing at the National Archives. For this specific crowdsourcing campaign we featured several “missions” that we wanted citizen archivists … Continue reading Why do we engage Citizen Archivists?

Private Mohammed Kahn: Civil War Soldier

Today's post comes from Kate Mersiovsky, National Archives Technician Since I’ve become an archives technician in the Innovation Hub Scanning Room at the National Archives, I’ve seen my fair share of interesting records. Researchers have digitized the pension of presidential widow Lucretia Garfield, the pension of Harriet Tubman, and the Supreme Court cases In Re … Continue reading Private Mohammed Kahn: Civil War Soldier

Two Steps Every Researcher Should Take

Every time I hear a story about a researcher spending money to travel to a National Archives facility only to find out the records they seek aren’t at that location, are unavailable for research, or that the reference staff are unable to assist the research in the short travel window they have available, I cringe. … Continue reading Two Steps Every Researcher Should Take

Searching the Dawes Rolls

Today's post comes from Jason Clingerman, Digital Public Access Branch Chief at the National Archives. Are you looking to sharpen your research skills? We’re exploring some of the most requested records at the National Archives and how to search for them in the Catalog. Today we’ll take a closer look at the Applications for Enrollment in … Continue reading Searching the Dawes Rolls

Teaching from the Archives

Today’s post comes from Meredith Doviak, Community Manager for the National Archives Catalog.  Meredith recently spoke to Dr. Jaime Cantrell, Visiting Assistant Professor of English at The University of Mississippi. Dr. Cantrell has introduced undergraduate students to the importance of archival research and materials by encouraging them to become citizen transcribers for the National Archives … Continue reading Teaching from the Archives

The Catalog is Cooking!

You might already know that jelly beans were a staple in Cabinet meetings with President Reagan, or that President George H. W. Bush was not a particular fan of broccoli, but did you know the National Archives Catalog contains many food related records, including recipes from the White House chefs and First Families? The holdings … Continue reading The Catalog is Cooking!