What’s in a Name?

We are all unique, but for most of us, our names are not. The same is true for authors, actors, and even major or minor historical figures who share the same or similar names. So how do libraries, archives and museums collocate the right name to the right item or collection? The answer is authority … Continue reading What’s in a Name?

Still from "A Step Saving Kitchen," GIF, showing a woman stirring a bowl, with an overlaid play button and video status bar.

‘Tis the Season for #ArchivesGIFgiving

It’s almost time for the December Archives Hashtag Party on Friday, December 14! Pour yourself some eggnog and get in the festive mood with #ArchivesGIFgiving. In the spirit of the season, we’ll  be “giving” GIFs to other GLAM institutions. We hope you’ll share a GIF from your holdings, tag a fellow organization with a GIF … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for #ArchivesGIFgiving

Cultural Institutions Invited to Participate in History Hub

This post was originally published on the History Hub blog. Last month, we were thrilled to host a few dozen colleagues from the Smithsonian Institution, the Library of Congress, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and other cultural institutions to discuss their potential participation in History Hub. Below we’ve provided a recap of the event, … Continue reading Cultural Institutions Invited to Participate in History Hub