Finding FDR in the Brooklyn Navy Yard: An example of “One NARA” at work.

Today’s post comes from Michael Horsley, a Digital Imaging Specialist with the Digitization Services Team. During a long day of scanning glass plate negatives in the Digital Image lab a fleeting image with an intriguing caption caught my eye during a quality control inspection session. As hundreds of images depicting various scenes of the Brooklyn … Continue reading Finding FDR in the Brooklyn Navy Yard: An example of “One NARA” at work.

Retracing President Lincoln’s 12-day journey to Washington: shortening the journey of his digital records to Illinois

After winning the 1860 presidential election, Abraham Lincoln left his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, on a 12-day journey to Washington. With the help of our technology research partners in Illinois, it takes just a few seconds to send huge volumes of electronic copies of his records back to Lincoln's Presidential Library.

Primary Sources Rock.

Today's post comes from guest blogger Stephanie Greenhut, Education Technology Specialist with the Center for the National Archives Experience. We know! And we were happy to hear that NARA’s new prompted this tweet on October 4. It was part of the almost-immediate-feedback we received after launching the site. Additional blogs, tweets, social bookmarks, social … Continue reading Primary Sources Rock.