Tagalong Tuesday! Celebrating Girl Scouts

The National Mall is just days away from an influx of thousands of Girl Scouts for Girl Scouts Rock the Mall:  100th Anniversary Sing-Along.  I hope they shipped in enough Thin Mints for the party!

The National Archives has some great events planned coinciding with the Girl Scouts’ centennial celebration – including exhibits, a film, and a special entry to the National Archives Experience for Girl Scouts in uniform and their families on June 8, 9, 10 from 8:30 – 9:30 a.m.

Do you want to help celebrate the Girl Scouts’ big anniversary?  How about joining us in a “tagalong” to tag Girl Scout-related images in our online catalog?  Here are just a few to get you started in our catalog.  Here are three of my favorites:

I bet these Girl Scouts made s’mores after their hard work at Camp Tocanja!

Photograph of Senior Girl Scouts Planning Projects in Wildlife Habitat Improvement Work at Camp Tocanja, 08/1962 NAID 2132072

Did you know that the First Lady is the National Honorary President of the Girl Scouts?  I wonder if they get free cookies?

Photograph of First Lady Bess Truman at the White House with a delegation of Girl Scouts, who are presenting her with a glass paperweight in honor of her service as their organization's honorary president since 1945, as two unidentified Girl Scout leaders look on: (left to right) Loretta Gallegos, 8; Susan Schneider, 11; Joanna Rodman, 8; Marian East, 16., 12/03/1952 NAID 200404

These Girl Scouts are enjoying their lunch in New York City!

Girl Scouts Lunch Alongside Rockefeller Center Fountain 5th Avenue Side, 06/1973 NAID 551641


Some possible tags include – Girl Scout, green sash, badges, troop, camping, First Lady.

If you have questions about tagging or our tagging policy, please contact us at search@nara.gov.

For more information about the Girl Scout’s centennial celebration events at the National Archives, please see our Calendar of Events page, as well as our press release.

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