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The National Archives and the Environmental Protection Agency have been working together to bring awareness to the 1970s Documerica photo collection.   The EPA’s State of the Environment project on Flickr asks people to upload their environmental photos to a group as a Documerica for the current generation.  This guest post is a reblog of a post written by Jeanethe Falvey of the EPA, and you can read more about this project on the Epplocations blog.

Photography in Arches National Park, in the Heart of the Redrock Country of Southeastern Utah. To the South Is the Colorado River and the Picturesque Old Mormon Pioneer Town of Moab, 05/1972
Photography in Arches National Park...05/1972, photo by Dave Hiser

Earth Day happens just once a year. What will this global moment look like? Get ready to share your best photo of the day.

How can you join in? Join Flickr if you haven’t yet and start thinking about what view of Earth Day is yours to share. Every shot counts and you do not need to be a professional photographer to share what you see. The best variety of images taken on 4.22.12 will be gathered in a map of the moment! That means scenes of things good (after Earth Day cleanups); bad (an area overlooked); landscapes, city-scapes, humans, wildlife, wild-humans – it’s really up to you! Check out how easy it is to even participate with your phone with Flickr mobile!

Take a photo any time during the twenty-four hour period of April 22 where you are, then upload it to your Flickr account to share it with the State of the Environment group.

Who will capture the first 2012 Earth Day sunrise? What will Earth Day look like in American Somoa, Utah, Maine?

We’re accepting one (1) contribution per Flickr member into the group from midnight ET Saturday, April 21 until midnight ET Saturday, April 28. You have a week to submit your single photo, but it must be taken on Earth Day April 22!

This is open for global participation, but EPA will be highlighting one photo from each U.S. state or territory and featuring the state with the most participation!

Spread the word. Get outside. Have some fun and capture the moment where humankind celebrates our planet Earth.


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