Putting Women on the Map: New Women’s History Collections on Historypin

Today’s post comes from Stephanie Greenhut, Education Technology Specialist, in the Education and Public Programs division.

March is Women’s History Month! To celebrate, we’ve created four new collections focusing on women of the past in the National Archives’ profile on Historypin. We began partnering with Historypin back in November, and have since been pinning historic images from the holdings of the National Archives onto the sights of today.

The Women at Work collection depicts the role of women in the workforce throughout our national life – in farms, shipyards, hospitals, manufacturing plants, markets, and in the aviation industry. View the collection as a slideshow or click on an individual image, such as the photograph of a riveter at Lockheed Aircraft Corp. in Burbank, CA from the Records of Women’s Bureau, or “Mrs. William Wood manages a one hundred and twenty acre farm in Coloma, Michigan, with little male assistance” from the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, to see it on the map.

Historical photographs and documents reveal the struggle for woman suffrage in the collection of the same name, including women protesting at the White House in 1917, and the indictment for Susan B. Anthony for illegal voting, pinned to her home on the map in Rochester, NY, now the Susan B. Anthony House and Museum.

Image of women protesting at the White House, 1917

Women in the military and famous women are documented in the holdings of the National Archives in two more collections.

You’ll also find these collections on http://womenshistorymonth.gov – created as part of a larger collaboration between the Library of Congress and other federal agencies, including the National Archives and Records Administration, to provide online locations for accessing cultural heritage collections. Information on public programs related to women’s history, as well as teaching resources, and other collections are also included on the site.

There will be even more historic imagery from the holdings of the National Archives coming soon to Historypin. And look for upcoming heritage sites, including Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month and Jewish American Heritage Month in May.

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  1. Very interesting..loved the pics. Can remember women in my mother’s time doing a lot of hard,manual work now done mostly by machines. They worked so hard.

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