Tag It Tuesday! The Weather Report

On this day 141 years ago, the forerunner of today’s National Weather Service – the Signal Service Corps’ Division of Telegrams and Reports for the Benefit of Commerce – made its first meteorological observations and reports and the weather hasn’t been the same since.

“Weather” you like singing in the rain, chasing storms, or checking the daily barometric pressure, the National Archives has weather records for you.  This Tag It Tuesday we invite you to join us for a flurry of tagging our weather related records in honor of those first weather reporters.

We forecast that you’ll have a great time tagging our weather related records.  Here are a few images from our holdings to get you started!

What’s a couple more inches of snow when you’ve got drifts like these?

Post card. View of buildings through high snow banks in January, Ketchikan, Alaska. (National Archives Pacific Alaska Region)


It’s always sunny in Philadelphia and it looks like these kids found a good place to escape the heat!



Good weather is essential for any planned trips to space!

MA-6 Advisory, 02/19/1962 (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Who needs fireworks when Mother Nature puts on the best light show of all?

412_DSP_Weather_005, 07/27/2006 (Environmental Protection Agency)

Want to tag more of our weather records?  Check these out and  tell us what your favorite weather phenomenon  records are!

Do you have suggestions for Tag It Tuesday?  Let us know here on NARAtions or by emailing us at search@nara.gov


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