Warner Research Center Reconfiguration News: A New Wall is Coming to the Microfilm Research Room

Today’s guest blog post comes from Rebecca Crawford for Research Services

We know many of you still use the Microfilm Research Room in Washington, DC. We see evidence of this every day, so we want to keep you up to date on construction activities that will affect the Microfilm Research Room as work proceeds on reconfiguring areas of the Robert M. Warner Research Center.

Sometime in January or February 2012, a wall will be erected on the south side of the existing microfilm room.  This will take place earlier than expected; the wall was originally scheduled to be built after the opening of the new Microfilm Research Room.

What will this mean?

The room will be consolidated to 27 stations, the same number of stations that will be available in the new permanent Microfilm Research Room. In addition, some carrels, the staff desk, public access PCs, and the microfiche cabinets will be shifted to new locations in the room.

How will the layout look?

Below is a comparison of the current room and the room as it will appear after the wall is built in 2012.

Warner Research Center Layout




We will keep you updated as the construction progresses!

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