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National Archives on Twitter

If you’ve ever wished you could make it to a National Archives event, but couldn’t quite get there, we now have a solution for you!  The National Archives is launching a new Twitter feed that will feature live tweets from National Archives events, like our annual Genealogy Fair.  @USNatArchives will be the go to source for live updates and information from exhibits, programs, events, and more!

Our first live tweets will be from the Wikipedia 10 event tomorrow (January 22); expect lots of interesting tidbits from the talks, insights from the speakers, and information about the workshops and sessions.  And if you’re planning on attending the Wikipedia 10 event, don’t forget to tweet along with us with the hashtag #wikixdc!

@USNatArchives will also be retweeting the most interesting tweets each day from all of the National Archives’ Twitter feeds, so it will become much easier to keep up with all of our individual Twitter feeds.  You can also look to @USNatArchives to answer your quick questions, and point you in the direction of great online resources and websites.  So check out @USNatArchives and see what’s going on at NARA!

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