Our Social Media Strategy

We posted the first version of our social media strategy today on Archives.gov. Our overall approach is to engage our staff, the government community, and researchers and citizen archivists so we can be a more open agency while accomplish NARA’s mission more effectively.

We express our core values and strategies for social media in three parts:

  • Revolutionize Communication and Collaboration within Our Staff Community
  • Engage with the Government Community
  • Build and Strengthen Our Relationships with Researchers and Citizen Archivists

Check out the strategy on Archives.gov: http://www.archives.gov/social-media/strategies/

Let us know what you think about it!  Post your comments here on NARAtions or send us an email at socialmedia@nara.gov with “Social Media Strategy Comments” in the subject line.  Based on your feedback, we plan to post a revised strategy in January.

Edited to update link.

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