Calling All Citizen Archivists

The National Archives is planning to launch a public wiki that will allow users to participate on our website.  We need your help in developing an “Archives Wiki.”  This project will be similar to the UK Archives’ “Your Archives.”  Check out this wiki and let us know what you think you would want in your own Archives wiki.

We believe the only way this project will be successful is if we work hand-in-hand with citizen archivists to develop and maintain it.  Are you a researcher, genealogist, historian, or consider yourself a citizen archivist?  If so, please consider getting involved in shaping our Archives wiki.  We need your ideas, enthusiasm, and dedication to make this possible.  Also, we need your ideas for a name.  You should hear the non-creative ideas floating around here: NARAtors, NARApedia!  Please, help save us from our Federal government stuffiness!  What do you think the name should be?

We will be hosting an organizing meeting in May, but in the meantime we’re gauging interest in helping us develop the community and initial pages to populate for launch. Send us an email at to let us know if you’re interested.

Interested in learning more about citizen archivists?  Check out what the Archivist of the United States has to say on his blog, AOTUS: Collector in Chief.

4 thoughts on “Calling All Citizen Archivists

  1. I’m a family researcher and genealogist for my family. I have been doing this for 20+ years. Would love to be involved with your project.

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