Stop by to See Us at the NARA Genealogy Fair

Are you planning to attend the National Archives’ 6th annual Genealogy Fair? If so, we hope you’ll come visit us at our exhibit tables. NARA’s new Open Government Plan (PDF) highlights how crucial social media is to opening up the Archives and establishes the redesign of as NARA’s “flagship initiative.” Stop by, bring us your questions, and tell us your ideas. We’ll have three tables set up:

  • Social Media (blogs, Facebook, wikis and more)
  • The Archival Research Catalog (demos of the current ARC and discussion of plans for the new online public access system)
  • Web (card sorts, where you can help us determine the structure, labels and categories to be used on the revamped site)

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts!

3 thoughts on “Stop by to See Us at the NARA Genealogy Fair

  1. Just found out about your Genealogy Fair and your Blog, NARAction.
    I will try to do better with keeping up with NARA’s services. I am specifically interested in Hispanic records of/in Texas.

    1. Hi Mimi,
      We’re glad to see that you’ve found NARAtions! I’m checking in with our genealogy experts John and Katherine to see what kinds of tips they may have on locating Texan Hispanic records, so stay tuned!

      Kristen (Admin)

    2. Hi Mimi,

      As Kristen said, we’re glad you’ve found NARAtions and are interested in learning more about records relating to Hispanic Texans! Probably the main thing to keep in mind is that federal records about Hispanics are not consolidated like they are for other groups, mainly African Americans (Freedmen’s Bureau) and Native Americans (Bureau of Indian Affairs). Information about Hispanics is scattered throughout all federal records, so it just might depend on the types of records you are interested in locating (such as land applications, military service, or census). If you have a specific focus, you can certainly contact NARA’s civilian or military reference units for more information (contact info is located on our web site at

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