Family Tree Friday: Genealogy Programs at the National Archives Building

The National Archives in the DC area has a lot of public programs. One of our most successful ventures is our Know Your Records lecture series. We present weekly lectures, both at the National Archives Building and the National Archives in College Park, on a wide variety of research topics.

A year and a half ago, we decided to introduce a new series of lectures, as part of Know Your Records, that deal specifically with genealogy. Our first lecture was a basic Introduction to Genealogy, which we have given every month since September 2008. These introductory lectures have been very successful, but almost every month people asked us if we have a second introductory class that goes into more detail. Well, we didn’t have anything like that until now.

In January of this year, we started a second set of genealogy lectures, on top of the regular monthly Introduction, that go into greater detail about specific genealogy topics. We are calling these lectures Beyond the Basics. Our first lecture was on Passport Applications, and our second was on African American genealogy. The Beyond the Basics lectures are intended to still be introductory, but much more in depth than our Introduction to Genealogy. Beginners are welcome, but so are more experienced genealogists.

Beyond the Basics lectures will be presented on the third Wednesday of every month and on selected Saturdays. We don’t have the whole year planned out yet, so if you have any ideas for future topics, we would love to hear them.

You can find more information, including our current schedule, on our website at

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