Question: Do you have a favorite NARA photograph or document? Is it already available in our catalog or on our website?

One of the most requested photographs at the U.S. National Archives is an iconic photo of President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley meeting at the White House in 1970.

ARC Identifier 1634221

Recently, this photograph has become more available to the public on our online research catalog, ARC, as well as through our photostream on  Now anyone with internet access can check out this great mashup of politics and rock & roll!  How does your favorite NARA photograph or document compare?  Is it available online?  Have you shared it with others because of its availability on the web?  Are there favorites that should be available online? Let us know!

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10 Responses to Question: Do you have a favorite NARA photograph or document? Is it already available in our catalog or on our website?

  1. Rebecca says:

    Two of my favorites are the picture of a horse made out of pecans displayed at the St. Louis Exposition in September 1904 and a letter from three young girls to President Dwight D. Eisenhower begging him not to give Elvis a GI haircut.


  2. Jason says:

    Yes, the picture of George Harrison with Henry Kissinger. But I can’t seem to relocate it!


  3. Rebecca says:

    Another favorite picture is of a Marine walking through a snow storm during the Korean War


  4. Mari says:

    One of my favorites is a snowy scene of a soldier praying at a chapel with snow on his boots and a rifle on his back. A photocopy hangs at my desk, 111-SC-199091. It is not online.


  5. Mary (admin) says:

    Thanks for pointing out these interesting images! With a collection as large as NARA’s, you never know what kind of treasures you may find. Thanks Rebecca for leaving links to your favorite images!


  6. John Keller says:

    The George Harrison and Henry Kissinger photo is in a general print series within RG 59, DOS records. I would contact the Still Photo/Special Media Archives branch and make an inquiry.


  7. Steve says:

    Any chance you have a photo of Senator Joseph F. Guffey with a 1936 Ford Convertible Sedan


  8. Dominique James says:

    Who is the photographer of this image?


    • Rebecca says:

      Dominique – The photographer was Oliver Atkins, President Nixon’s personal photographer in the White House. The Nixon Presidential Library has an online exhibit about Elvis Presley’s meeting with the President if you would like to see additional pictures and learn more about the meeting.



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