Share your ideas for our next Open Government Plan!

National Archives Open Gov logoWelcome to Sunshine Week, the week we celebrate open government and access to public information. This week, we are kicking off the development of our next Open Government Plan for 2016-2018. We need your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to make it happen!

Submit your ideas by April 15, 2016:

How do you think we should increase the three pillars of open government — Transparency, Participation, and Collaboration — in the way we do our work at the National Archives?

We are looking for your ideas on how we can improve:  

  • Your research experience – in person and online
  • The experience of veterans in accessing military records of the National Archives
  • The National Archives Catalog and
  • Our engagement on social media and crowdsourcing projects, including History Hub
  • Innovation at the National Archives, including the Innovation Hub  
  • Our work in records management
  • Our work in declassification
  • Our implementation of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
  • Our efforts to digitize records

We will carefully consider all ideas. In the past, we’ve received more than 100 suggestions and we report on these and respond in an appendix to the Plan. Even if you’ve shared an idea before, please share it again. We need your ideas on how we can better serve the public.

Take a look at our last Open Government Plan and for more information.  Is there something that you think we could be doing better?  Let us know!

Also, join us for Sunshine Week as we work to transcribe more than 2,000 pages! Every day there’s a new transcription mission on the Citizen Archivist Dashboard. How many pages can  you transcribe?

2 thoughts on “Share your ideas for our next Open Government Plan!

  1. Performing for over twenty years researching the American airmen Killed in Actionin France between 1942-1945 The IDPF (Individual Deceased Personnel File ) even partial are of great help to this research Is not possble to obtain this files now This Files can be placed online on your Website NARA ? Thank you for your help

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