NARA’s Open Government Plan for 2014-2016

On Friday, May 31, 2014, the Archivist of the United States, David Ferriero blogged about the release of our third Open Government Plan in the post, “Innovate to Make Access Happen.” You can access the agency’s newest Open Government Plan in PDF, Word, and at

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Thank you for your feedback! We received more than 50 thoughtful comments and suggestions for ways that NARA can increase transparency, participation, and collaboration in the way we do our work. We have summarized the feedback that was submitted in Appendix A of the plan and provided responses to many of the suggestions we received.

The development of our plan brought together more than 30 staff members from across the agency to describe and plan our open government efforts for the next two years.

We’ve aligned the Open Government Plan to the agency’s new strategic goals, and this is reflected in the Flagship Initiative, “Innovate to Make Access Happen.” The Flagship includes our work in digitization, description, and online access for the next two years.

Within the plan, you’ll also learn about our efforts to strengthen public and employee engagement, implement the Open Data Policy, and reduce our backlog of pending Freedom of Information Act Requests. We describe our work with Federal agencies to implement guidance that addresses the electronic management of email and other records, and our ongoing efforts to streamline processes in the National Declassification Center.

Yes, the plan is 58 pages (!), but I promise you’ll learn a lot about NARA and the important ways that we work to strengthen open government.
To learn more about our open government efforts, visit  To provide feedback on NARA’s most recent Open Government Plan, please comment below or email

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