The National Archives is now on Instagram

This post was written by Addie Nguyen, a student intern in the Office of Innovation.

Who could ever pass up on using the mega-addictive Instagram? It makes a photographer out of anyone – just snap an ordinary, hum-drum pic of, say, a building as you’re walking down a street, then apply an ultra-hip, vintage-looking filter on it and voilà! Instant art! And because this is a social networking site after all, you can share your masterpiece with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. Yes, The National Archives is pleased to say that—finally—we have joined the fun and are now a part of Instagram!

The National Archives has, since 1934, faithfully preserved, conserved, and captured American moments through photographs, videos, drawings, and documents in black-and-white, grayscale, color, sepia, cyanotype, monochrome, and many other formats.. Instagram allows us to continue capturing those precious American moments and put on our own artistic filter flair. How could we resist? #excited

Connect with us and take a peek of what the Archives is up to now, whether it be behind-the-scenes looks into our workplace, shots from upcoming and current exhibits, or special events in DC and around the country. And don’t shy away from sharing your photos and videos as well as you tour through our archival holdings! Find a cool document? Share it with us!

So ready your cameraphones, click away, and remember this: a picture is worth a thousand hashtags.


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