6 thoughts on “Next DC-Area Researchers Meeting on September 28, 2012

  1. No, thanks, you won’t see me at any more “researcher meetings”. I have little enough research time, too few file pulls, and too many rules about what I can order from which record groups at once and how many carts, etc… that I have to try to balance while running up and down the stairs to deal with wrong boxes and rejections, not to mention having to walk the whole length of the “reserved” desk room just to check out and turn in each file that I look at, having to sign my name, date, and time in multiple places on the SAME piece of paper! These are the same problems that have existed for at least 10 years. In fact, we used to get 6 file pulls every day, not four.

    I am not going to voluntarily waste even more of my valuable time by attending meetings that are pointless and unproductive. It’s easier for me to submit my comments remotely.

    Peggy Reeves

  2. Are you sure that this isn’t supposed to be at Archives II not Archives I? We already had a meeting at Archives I with Mr. Mayer

  3. I was excited to hear that today at the meeting a request for all Preliminary Inventories and Finding Aids be scanned, and made available online. We have asked for this before, and hopefully it will be heard and acted upon this time.

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