Progress Report on Construction Activities in the Archives I Research Center

We know that you must be wondering when the dust will settle in the Archives I research center. So far, the classroom, finding aids room, and microfilm research room have been reconfigured. The cork floor and the new wood paneling are beautiful.

The floor in the research commons (lobby) remains a work in progress. When the carpet was pulled up, the concrete slab (which was original to the building in what was built to be a records storage stacks area) proved too uneven for quickly installing the new cork floor or providing the necessary clearance for the new doors to swing.

The Grunley team has completed the removal of the carpet glue, laser mapped the floor, and this past weekend poured the leveling compound. This process will now be followed by the installation of the cork floor in the evenings of the week of June 26. If all goes well, the cork floor is scheduled to be sealed the night of June 30 and then left to dry for 24 hours. If we run into difficulties, the schedule could slip by a week.

We anticipate that the locker room will be completed by late July. Stay tuned to NARAtions for more progress reports on the construction activities at the National Archives Building in Washington, DC.


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