New Documerica set on Flickr

In honor of Earth Day, we have added a great new set of photographs from the Documerica collection to Flickr.  Boyd Norton, a photographer who is still greatly involved with nature photography, took photos of the National Parks in the southwest, and documented solar energy projects in Arizona and strip mining in Montana as a part of the 1970s Documerica project.  The Boyd Norton set on Flickr contains over 400 photos and they are ready for your viewing!

If you find these photos fascinating, consider contributing to these great records.  Check out the Boyd Norton tagging mission on the Citizen Archivist Dashboard.

Mt. Wilson and West Dolores River, 05/1972.
Mt. Wilson and West Dolores River, 05/1972 (544940).

We have over five thousand Documerica photos on Flickr, representing nearly 50 different photographers.  What photographer should we add next?

4 thoughts on “New Documerica set on Flickr

  1. I know it’s a tall order, but I’m voting for Charles O’Rear’s DOCUMERICA photos to go into the NARA photostream next.

  2. Charles O’Rear is definitely in the works! Since it is such a large set, we’re thinking about breaking it up into a few smaller sets based on location. Thanks for your suggestion!


  3. Many of these appear to have faded slightly. This might be an opportunity to discuss the archival ethics of “restoration”, since the effects of aging are now easily “reversed” with a couple of clicks in Photoshop!

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