1940 Census Update

We apologize for the problems you encountered with the 1940 census web site yesterday.  We share your frustration.   There was extraordinary demand for the 1940 census records, with over 37 million hits in the first 7 hours on April 2nd.

We have implemented changes so you can now search and view the census images. We are continuing to work on the site and expect to make further enhancements during the day on Tuesday, April 3rd.  Thank you for your patience as we continue to address issues with the 1940 census web site.   We will continue to keep you updated here on NARAtions as well as on the site itself.


13 thoughts on “1940 Census Update

  1. Everything is ok. I hope that the process of changes was went smooth and soon we will enjoy the brand new site!

  2. It’s not just the demand on the servers making it slow that’s wrong, the design seems flawed. You can bookmark images but where do you find the ones you bookmarked afterwards? The High Res downloads aren’t recognized as jpg’s and won’t open. After the download page, when you try to go back to where you were so you can go to the next images, you end up back at the beginning again. What a nightmare.

    1. Hi Jo – We apologize for the problems you encountered downloading yesterday. The problems have been resolved. You can see your bookmarks by clicking on the link at the top of the search page.

  3. If you aren’t too exhausted, can you stop by the webinar tonight and tell us how things are going at NARA with the firewall issues, and how the 1940 census site is running?

    1. Sorry we weren’t able to join your webinar last night. We were still working at that hour. I would be happy to join in this evening if you are still interested.

  4. I have had a little problem with going page by page once I get into the correct ED. In addition to a range of pages maybe an estimate of the correct page would be an improvement. Otherwise, I am pleased with the results.

  5. Why can’t I save the whole document page to the hard drive on my desk top? An entire page can be saved to my documents and/or my external drive with no problem on my lap top computer?

    1. Hi Diane – We apologize for the problems you encountered yesterday. The download problems have been resolved and you should be able to download today.

  6. I am looking for the blank form of the 1940 Census that was used in the Territory of Alaska. It seems as if the one that was used is not the one that was used in the ‘lower 48’. I have noticed this discrepancy in earlier census years. Is there a ‘site’ that I can go to inorder to download a blank form for the years that I am interested in? Thank you.

    1. Dear Myrtle, Thanks for the invitation to tonight’s webinar. I’m glad I was able to join you. I enjoyed hearing about all the great finds people are making!

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