Tag It Tuesday! Citizen Archivist Dashboard

Recently, the National Archives introduced the Citizen Archivist Dashboard where citizen archivists can crowd-source the records of the National Archives.  The Dashboard contains several “tagging missions” that feature records and images from our holdings including over 2800 images of  World War II posters, 483 photographs taken by photographer Lewis Hine, and the petition against the annexation of Hawaii which contains 21, 269 names.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to start one of our tagging missions!

Citizen Archivist Dashboard Tagging Missions

2 thoughts on “Tag It Tuesday! Citizen Archivist Dashboard

  1. Hi Denise,

    Congratulations on launching this! It’s great to have all your crowd-sourcing efforts in one place. I am at the Smithsonian Archives and we are interested in having people help transcribe some of our documents. We have had good luck in getting people to help us id people in photos on the Flickr Commons. There are actually several archives at the Smithsonian interested in this. Can you put me in touch with someone who would be willing to tell us more about the project?


  2. Hi Effie,

    We’d love to talk about our transcription efforts and similar efforts at the Smithsonian. Please feel free to send an email to opengov@nara.gov and we’ll get you connected to the right people.

    Meredith Stewart

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