Tag It Tuesday! Lights, Camera, Archives?

Today’s Tag It Tuesday is going Hollywood!  Did you know that every once in a while there’s a star sighting in the records of the National Archives?   You just might find a poor little rich girl, a future Godfather, or a Top Gun making a guest appearance in our holdings.

Tammy Kelly, a colleague from the Truman Library, tipped us off about the photograph below; so today, we’re challenging you to identify the actors and actresses posing with President Harry Truman.  Do you recognize any of the famous faces?  If you do, tag them in the photo.  We’ll see how many are identified and we’ll post the results next week!

Here’s a hint to help you get started – there’s a joker and a lovely Mame in the image below (to see a larger image, please click into the photo):

Photograph of movie stars posing with President Truman and his family at the White House., 01/28/1946

If you need some help identifying the actors and actresses, click here.

How good are your eyes?  Try our super Tag It challenge – use OPA’s great zoom feature and see if you can identify any of the famous pin-up gals in this image:

With nearly 3,000 pin-ups (including over 200 shots of Marilyn Monroe) serving as wallpaper for their quonset hut, these Marines of the "Devil-cats" squadron are still looking for more, October 28, 1952., 1927 - 1981


For an easier tag it challenge, check out these images, including the images below of three celebrities who never go out of vogue.

Greta Garbo, and Monroe.  Dietrich, but with apologies to Madonna, no DiMaggio.

Declaration of Intention for Greta Garbo, 09/09/1948
Marilyn Monroe, motion picture actress, appearing with the USO Camp Show, "Anything Goes," poses for the shutterbugs after a performance at the 3rd U.S.Infantry Division area., 02/17/1954
Marlene Dietrich, motion picture actress, autographs the cast on the leg of Tec 4 Earl E. McFarland of Cavider, Texas, at a United States hospital in Belgium, where she has been entertaining the GIs., ca. 11/24/1944


If you have any suggestions for Tag It Tuesday, please leave us a comment or send an email to search@nara.gov.

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