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The National Archives just joined iTunes U, a dedicated area within the iTunes Store giving users public access to thousands of free lectures, videos, books and podcasts from learning institutions all over the world.  If you already have iTunes on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or computer, you can search for “National Archives” on iTunes U to find our channel, or visit us at  Our initial collections feature selected archival documents, lesson plan materials, podcasts by the Presidential Libraries, videos from our “Inside the Vaults” series and more.  Start exploring, and subscribe to get updates.
Are you unfamiliar with iTunes U?  It’s an online hub of educational resources for students, teachers, and lifelong learners, made available through the iTunes site.  You can learn more at or download a copy of iTunes and start exploring.
We are just getting started, so if you have ideas or recommendations for collections, please share your suggestions here on NARAtions or send us an email at socialmedia [at]


4 thoughts on “Connect with Us on iTunes U

  1. How are we supposted to view it if we need to download itunes first and our computers will not allow the download? Would love to see what is available.

    1. Hi Lee,
      That’s an excellent question; we’re working on an answer! At the moment iTunes has only been installed on a limited number of NARA computers for development and testing purposes, but our Project Assistance Division (BP) is working to get wider availability throughout the agency. For the time being, we encourage you to check out the National Archives’ channel from your home computer. We currently have collections on President Ronald Reagan, President Harry S. Truman, the Charters of American Freedom, World War II in the News, the Civil War and our video series Inside the Vaults. Thanks for your interest in our new iTunes offerings. We will post updates here when we get more information about the schedule for the wider iTunes roll out.

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