The Temporary Move of the Finding Aids Room at the National Archives Building

by guest blogger: Trevor Plante, Chief of Archives I Reference, National Archives in Washington, DC

In late September 2011, the first phase of construction will begin in the ground floor research area of the National Archives Building. This will result in the temporary relocation of the Finding Aids Room and Consultation staff to the Pension and Service Record Research room on the ground floor. We anticipate being able to move back in to our permanent space in mid-January 2012.

We will continue to have all necessary finding aids and location registers in the temporary Finding Aids Room. While in the swing space the temporary Finding Aids Room will not have any public access PCs. We will have public access PCs in the permanent space once the Finding Aids Room opens in January 2012. We do not anticipate any major lapse in service while we physically move from our present location in to the temporary space in September or back again in January. Our staff is committed to providing excellent service to our researchers during the construction operations resulting in improvements to the Robert M. Warner Research Center.

Please note that the first move will take place over the weekend of Friday, September 23 and will re-open in the new temporary space on Monday, September 26.

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