MayDay at the National Archives

The following is a guest post from Jane Long, Preservation Officer at the National Archives:

MayDayEmergencies can happen anytime, but a little preparedness goes a long way to diminish their effects. Every year, NARA participates in MayDay, a national event to raise awareness of the importance of taking simple steps to protect people and records.

This year’s MayDay theme is One NARA: Everyone Has a Role in Emergencies. What’s Yours? You’ll see this slogan on book marks that Preservation Programs is distributing throughout the agency. We’ve also taken on the job of reviewing Records Emergency Plans for all NARA facilities. That’s one of our roles in records emergency preparedness – what’s yours? Join NARA Preservation Programs and institutions across the country to get ready for emergencies.

You can find advice and ideas for ways to prepare on the Preservation web page.

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