National Archives' First Wikipedian in Residence: This article is a stub.

Have you ever landed on a Wikipedia page containing just the beginnings of an article, waiting to be filled in with valuable content? In Wikipedia parlance, these are stubs; skeleton pages set up with the basic outline of a topic which subject matter experts can work together to build into full encyclopedia articles. We see that same sort of potential for collaboration and development in our new Wikipedian in Residence position. Following much deliberation over a number of impressive candidates, we’re excited to introduce Dominic McDevitt-Parks as NARA’s first Wikipedian in Residence (WIR). Starting in May, Dominic will be working with us to chart out a course of projects and cooperative ventures that will help make our records more publicly accessible than ever and increase the understanding between the archival and Wikipedian communities. We can’t wait to see what develops.

For more information about the ideas behind this project, check out the AOTUS blog.

Stay tuned this week for an interview with Dominic on NARAtions!

2 thoughts on “National Archives' First Wikipedian in Residence: This article is a stub.

  1. Congrats Dominic!!! It is very exciting to see a Wikipedia Ambassadors do so much for the community. I look forward to participating in events you hold!

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