Agenda for the November 19th DC-Area Users Group Meeting

We hope you will join us for the last DC-Area Users Group Meeting of 2010, this Friday, November 19th at 1 pm at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland, in lecture room B.

The agenda for the meeting includes
1. a discussion of the Archives II Saturday pull pilot
2. an update on the installation of wireless internet at Archives I and II
3. an update on NARA’s proposal to use colored paper and on the green bags
4. an update on the Archives I renovation/budget
5. a preview of the redesign of
6. a demonstration of the new Online Public Access search
7. a discussion of security measures for staff
8. a discussion of the pension file move to the National Military Personnel Records Center in St. Louis
9. questions and answers

We hope to see you at the meeting this Friday.

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  1. Angela McGhie says:

    Have the meeting minutes been posted?


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