Are you a citizen archivist?

The National Archives recently created a new “Inside the Vaults” video about our citizen archivist initiative.

The video features Archivist of the United States David S. Ferriero discussing the contributions of the public to the National Archives as well as two citizen archivists, researcher Jonathan Webb Deiss and educational cartoonist Jon White, discussing their work with NARA records.

You could be a citizen archivist, too! If you would like to share an exciting find in NARA’s records or your favorite research tips or the creative idea our records have inspired, we invite you to share it on Our Archives.

For more information about NARA’s citizen archivist initiative, please visit the AOTUS blog.

For more information about the diary of Samuel Leavitt discovered by Jonathan Webb Deiss, please visit Our Archives.

For more “Inside the Vaults” videos, please visit our Youtube channel.

Join the Our Archives wiki at:

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