The Results of the Voting for the new Home Page Are In

Thank you to everyone who voted and commented on the homepage designs and features. In total we received 3,257 votes. Interested in knowing how your favorite design did? You can view the results at

If you have additional ideas or feedback about the redesign of we invite you to share them here on NARAtions or you can email NARA’s Web Program Staff at

2 thoughts on “The Results of the Voting for the new Home Page Are In

  1. Rebecca,

    I really miss the Find and Request feature
    from the Eservices site. It established the tracking
    mechanism, Reference Request #, so I could
    check the status of my requests.

    Now, with emails to, I have no
    confirmation of receipt and no idea of the
    status of my inquiry.

    I hope the Archives brings back Find and Request.



    1. Hi Dave – Thank you very much for your feedback. Please see the response below from our Access Staff:

      Dave, We really appreciate your comment. Find & Request had some nice features, but we received enough negative comments from other researchers about navigating the system and submitting questions that in the end we made the difficult choice to restore the previous web form for questions. We’re sorry that this meant the loss of some other features that were helpful to you, but we faced some tough trade offs in trying to make things easy for the most researchers. The reference units strive to reply to each question within ten business days. You can also submit questions through the “I Have a Question” link at The web form will send you an acknowledgment through email.

      NARA Access Staff

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