Welcome to Our Archives Wiki!

We are excited to announce that the Our Archives wiki is now live at http://www.ourarchives.wikispaces.net

Have you made a great find in NARA’s records? Or do you have a story to tell related to our records?  Come share it on the Our Archives wiki!

Our Archives is an online space for researchers, educators, genealogists, and Archives staff to share information and knowledge about the records of the National Archives and about their research. 

What can you do on Our Archives wiki?

You can create new wiki pages and edit pre-existing pages about historical subjects and records held by the National Archives.
You can upload images of records
You can expand upon a description in our online catalog.
You can publish your transcription of a document.
You can add information to build upon other resources.
You can collaborate with other users working on similar subjects or to work together on research projects.
You can participate in discussions about the records of the National Archives

If you just want to look around the wiki, click the link above.  If you are ready to participate in Our Archives, go to the home page and click “Join” in the top left corner.  You’ll be asked for a user name, password, and email address.  We will set up your new account as quickly as possible. 

Questions about Our Archives wiki can be sent to OurArchiveswiki@nara.gov

We hope you will come and join Our Archives!

4 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Archives Wiki!

  1. I found it frustrating following links to non-existent pages. I like Wikipedia’s interface that distinguishes links to existing pages versus non-existing pages.

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for your feedback. We are checking with Wikispaces to see if we can modify the links to the pages. We hope you will visit Our Archives again and even sign up for an account and create some pages.

      – Rebecca

  2. I have a specific area of interest: Goverernment employees who were blacklisted or threatened with blacklisting (via Loyalty Boards) in the early 1950s. The rules change in 2006 appear to make it possible to see FBI records which have not been heavily blacked out since the informants are now deseased and have lost the right of anonimity. Is there a SIG for people with my area of interest? I am the child of one of those individuals and the records I received in 2000 are essentially worthless except to establish dates of action.

    1. Hi, Karl –

      Thanks for your comment and question. We will pass your question about FBI records along to the NARA reference staff to provide you with further information. We are unsure whether or not a special interest group exists relating to these records; however, you are welcome to join Our Archives wiki, where you can post discussion questions to other researchers with similar interests. You can view and join the wiki here: http://www.ourarchives.wikispaces.net/

      Thanks again for your interest; you can expect to hear from our reference staff shortly.

      Best of luck with your research!

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