Templates for the National Archives wiki pilot project

Several people suggested at the two planning meetings in May that we draft some templates that could be used as starting points for pages in the Archives wiki pilot project.  We have done that and added them to the planning wiki we set up in preparation for the launch of the Archives wiki. 

There are three draft templates on our planning wiki: one for record groups, one for NARA offices, and one for how to get started on a research topic.  We would love to get your feedback on the templates.  Please take a look and, for those of you who have accounts for the planning wiki, please edit and add to the templates or add to the discussions about the templates.

If you have ideas for additional templates we hope you will add them to the planning wiki as well. To create a new template,   

   1.  Go to “Manage Wiki.”

   2. Click on “Templates.”

   3. Name your new template. You can create your template from a blank page or any other page on your wiki. Once you create your template, you’ll then be able to edit the content of the template like a normal wiki page.

In preparation for the launch of the Archives wiki later this summer, we will be setting up some stubs and seed pages for NARA offices and record groups.  There are over 500 record groups so we would like to know which particular record group pages you would like us to create first.  Please join the discussion about record group pages on the planning wiki or give us your suggestions here on NARAtions.

Anyone can look at the planning wiki.  We can set up a wiki account for you if you would like to add and edit templates or join our planning discussions.  To receive an account, please email us at socialmedia@nara.gov and include your preferred user name in your email. 

Thanks again for your interest in this project!

2 thoughts on “Templates for the National Archives wiki pilot project

  1. A pilot project, would love to see how this project is managed, looks like some good things will be learned – Jacob

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