List of records digitized by NARA's digitization partners now online!

In response to many researcher requests, we have added a list of the records digitized by our digitization partners, and, to our web site.  The list is arranged in alpha-numeric order by NARA microfilm publication number.  You can re-sort the list by microform publication title, partner, or record group by clicking on the appropriate column headings. Clicking on the titles in the list will direct you to the web sites of our partners. 

 Our digitization partners, and, have digitized selected NARA microfilm publications and original records and made them available on their web sites for a fee.  Each partner allows free searches of some or all index terms for each title. Access to the digitized records on and is available free of charge in all NARA Research Rooms, including those in our regional archives and Presidential libraries.

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19 Responses to List of records digitized by NARA's digitization partners now online!

  1. Angela McGhie says:

    Thanks! We appreciate NARA responding to our requests for these links.


  2. Marie V Melchiori, CG, CGL says:

    Many thanks. This is an important link that will be helpful to all researchers. Thanks for listening to our requests.


  3. Claire Bettag says:

    Thank you! Thank you! thank you! I quick question…When I click on the link given in the blog I go to the list. At the top of the page the “path” shows NARA home leading directly to the digitization info. But when I go to the home, I do not see it anywhere. What am I doing wrong?


    • Rebecca says:

      Claire – The link in the blog post will take you directly to the page containing the list (depending on your monitor you may need to scroll down a little to see the list). You can also find links to the list elsewhere on If you go to the home page you can enter “digitization” in the search box on the top right corner of the home page. Click on the first link in the results list – Digitization at the National Archives. From this page there is link to the list. We have also added links to the list on the main research page (towards the bottom of the page), under the online research tools and aids page, and under the What’s New section on the main genealogy page.

      – Rebecca


  4. Claire Bettag says:

    Thanks, Rebecca. I see all of that. But the “path” line at the top of the page still shows:
    Home [to] Digitization at the National Archives [to] List. Nothing appears between “home” and “Digitization at the National Archives.” Usually a path line would show which links from the home page got you to the list. (Most researchers will not find it through the blog.) Maybe that will be taken care of when the Web site gets redesigned.
    Thank you, though, for the list and for the info.


    • Rebecca says:

      Claire – Thanks for your feedback. I’ll pass your suggestion along to the web staff. However, as you said, we may have to wait for changes until the redesign.

      – Rebecca


  5. Ann R. Sneed says:

    Is it possible to send me a copy as an attachment to my email of my SF-50, I retired from OST (Office of the Special Trustee) in 2006. Thanks for you help!


  6. Heidi E. Robbins says:

    Iam wondering how i would go about getting a copy of my birth certifite from Frankfurt Hussian Ma In Germany for
    Heidi Elizabeth Dingman
    my Father Harry Dingman Jr. was my father who was stationed there, when i was born. I was told i could go through the Va to get another copy. Could you pleas try to help me?


  7. Alison says:

    the link no longer works. What is the current link? other websites are still pointing to


  8. Mark says:

    A applied for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad for my father (deceased). He was born in 1911 in Rome, Italy. The State Department directed me to the National Archives, Archives I Reference Branch.

    How do I go about trying to locate a consular report of birth, or get an official letter documenting no such report exists?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Mark,

      The National Archives does hold some consular birth reports for the 1910-49 period. You can contact the Archives 1 Reference Branch via email at Please send the details of your request and we can research this more thoroughly for you. Additionally, the 1910-49 reports have been digitized and are available online via or at all NARA facilities.

      Thank you!


  9. Mark says:

    Hi Meredith,

    Awesome – thanks! Will do…

    Thanks again,


  10. Andrew Byers Jr. says:

    I need copy/ies of my birth certificate. I was a dependent born in an US Army hospital in Germany. Need proof of citizenship for passport application and SS benefits application. Help!!


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