DC-area Researchers – Agenda for the Researcher Meeting on March 19th at Archives II

Please join us for our monthly researcher meeting on Friday, March 19th, at 1 PM in the auditorium at Archives II in College Park. Jim Hastings, the Director of Access Programs, and Diane Dimkoff, the Director of the Customer Services Division, will be on hand to discuss the following questions and topics:

1. Digitization
a. When will digitized records from partners be available on Archives.gov?
b. How may researchers report problems with digitized records?
c. What percentage of records have been digitized?
d. Can there be links on the NARA website to digitized records on partner sites or can a list of where they can be found be posted?

2. Please explain why researchers cannot copy pages from the Master Location Register (MLR).

3. Does the Archives have the ability to track a record collection by its accession/box information from the time it arrives until it is placed on the shelf?

4. Equipment and maintenance issues

5. The status of installing wireless internet access at Archives I

6. New business

The minutes from the meeting will be posted online for those who are unable to attend the meeting.

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